UX Design

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With Great Function Must Come Great Form

A functioning, error-free website, built on a solid foundation, is indispensable, but a creative and intelligently designed user interface charms customers and clinches sales. Your Ariesnet-built website will do more than just work technically—it will inspire visitors to stay longer, buy more and, most important, hurry back to buy again.

Our Intranets are equally creative and usable, enabling employees to quickly and easily grab critical business information from sites that far surpass basic tools—they are business drivers and brand ambassadors.

Bring your Brand Online

A well designed, easily navigable Internet solution strengthens your brand and builds client loyalty. To be an effective extension of your brand, a website must simultaneously balance business and marketing requirements while staying loyal to the needs of your customers. Ariesnet understands how to expertly juggle technology requirements, programming prerequisites, website hosting environments and user profiles for the greatest brand extension impact.

Ariesnet Brings it Together

Content creation, interface design, technical development and aesthetic enhancement start out together, stay the course and finish as a team. Ariesnet delivers a web presence with a consistent, integrated message that benefits you and your users.

Information Architecture

Information is the foundation for any credible and effective website or application. A cool design is worthless if a critical data table is too wide to fit the pretty page. Content— your message—is what matters most. The design must enhance the content, not render it unreadable or awkward for the sake of artistic license.

Because of this, we spend ample time at the start of a project understanding the intended users and the information they need to see. We make sure the information is easily accessible and in context. Like preparing to build a house, we carefully plan the design before we hammer the first nail.

Usability & Experience

Start with the User in Mind
The more time users spend learning to navigate your website, the less time they will spend buying or being productive. A system that efficiently targets user needs will cut support and development costs—and make more money.

Usability means not only having the features your users need—it may also mean getting rid of unnecessary features that cause clutter and confusion. Understanding your users and their interaction preferences and needs is the first step in designing a website, community, or business application based on the important principles of user experience design (UXD). That’s why we begin our process with a usability assessment.

Assessment Process
Our creative process starts with a comprehensive usability assessment. We interview representative users to understand their expectations and “wish-lists” in terms of process, content and technology. Our assessments include:

  • User Profiles - Develop clear definitions, usage patterns and business needs for each user group.
  • Personas and Segementation Analysis - Create definitions for User Roles and Characteristics that will be used to match individual site visitors to specific content and marketing goals. Personas deep-dive into the personality and disposition of users, to build interfaces that anticipate their needs and move business along.
  • Scenarios - Identify specific goals of user tasks as well as overall goals for using your web presence.
  • Environmental Aspects - Establish an understanding of the technical requirements such as hardware, software, connection speeds and browsers.