Custom Development

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Special Requirements, Meet Our Special Team

Smart businesses use existing tools to maximize value from their technology investments. Sometimes you need something more tailored. At Ariesnet, we believe it’s smart to leverage the expertise of an innovative leader with the talent and expertise to build a custom tailored solution specifically for your set of challenges.

Whether a single application for a department or project, or an integrated suite addressing business processes from end-to-end, we will architect and build a reliable, scalable solution, while focusing on the end-user experience—ensuring high adoption rates.

We never gloss over the technical details in favor of empty business jargon. We are experts in our field, with the brightest minds in the industry; however, the proof is in the product. Contact Ariesnet today, and let us show you how smart businesses get the highest ROI from their technological investments at the lowest risk.

Web Applications

Are You Just Waving Your Hands?
Like conducting an orchestra, managing business processes looks simple when it works. But like a musician plucking the wrong note, one faulty process can ruin your performance. End-to-end business processes must be in harmony to cut costs, compress cycle times, boost quality, maximize client value and win in the marketplace. Are you conducting—or just waving your hands?

Zoom In: A Focus on Process Management
Our professionals understand that consistent focus on business process management and its core underlying principles drive dramatic improvements in client performance and competitiveness. We identify key processes that offer the most significant performance improvement and then develop and implement an Internet technology solution that automates and integrates these processes.

Our Business Process Enablement services include:

  • Process Analysis Design and Improvement
  • Application Management
  • Organization Change Management
  • Application Development and Integration to Enable Processes

Get It Together: Integration

As your business grows, databases can become scattered across multiple applications and locations, requiring you to transfer information from island to island. Client information, records from lead generation tools, invoice details and mailing lists may each be stored in different locations.

Integration centralizes access to separate databases, allowing all systems to use the same data, providing flexibility and saving time and costs.

Ariesnet can integrate disparate data and information into effective, user-friendly portals. We can draw upon a network of specialists who excel at transferring data in various niche languages and systems, integrating your most critical information into a central repository.

Public Sites

Build a Business, Not Just a Website.
There are millions of “just there” websites, mere placeholders with limited, largely static information. A poorly designed, dull website drives away potential clients.

An effective site is dynamic, informative, interactive, intuitive and offers your clients more than just information. It paints a true picture of who you are—and, most important, makes a good first impression.

You have a vision of the website you want, but do you have the tools and the expertise to make that vision a reality? Share your vision with Ariesnet, and we will make it happen.

From Stone to Diamond
Ariesnet designs, develops and maintains brand-inspiring websites that automate critical business processes. Our solutions are driven by technological alchemy, combining expert project management with innovative technical capabilities. We will take your site from rough stone to polished gem.

Quality: Inside and Out
Our services extend beyond the surface of your public site, which will feature elegant interfaces and user-friendly solutions. As your partner, we will also integrate your strategic objectives with business process automation, ensuring that the inside of your organization matches the outside appeal of your public website.

Creativity and Functionality
Ariesnet blends the best of a savvy creative agency with a functionality-based IT consulting firm. Whether you are looking for a redesign or starting from scratch, we can help you build a user-friendly, effective public site that delivers excellence and quality—from both a marketing and functionality perspective.

Intranet & Extranet

The Heart and Soul of Your Business: Untangling the Web
For organizations whose core business relies on tight integration with employees, vendors and partners, the Web isn’t just the external corporate website—it is everything.

It is where:

  • Employees sign up for health benefits and adjust 401(k) options
  • Corporate vendors can securely access their current orders and past invoices
  • Managers approve time sheets
  • Executives access graphical sales roll-up dashboards
  • Human Resources personnel publish new organizational charts
  • Field sales force connects with headquarters

All layers of the Web—public websites, the Intranet and the Extranet—combine to form the heart and soul of a successful company.

Intranet: What’s In Your Closet?

The concept of the "Intranet" has transformed from a glorified file share into a true business tool—a "mini-Web" that provides the same value behind the scenes for employees that the Internet provides for clients. It allows users to interact with each other, store and retrieve data and track down information on benefits, policies and procedures.

A cluttered Intranet—one that becomes a virtual closet space for documents and data—is nearly impossible to sort through. In contrast, a well organized Intranet boosts speed, efficiency and, as a result, morale.

Our custom designed applications enable your team to easily access, create, edit, organize and publish key reference documents. Your sales staff can easily access letterhead, templates and brochures. The HR department can quickly publish updated employee guides, and department heads can manage their internal content with built-in security.

Extranet: Connections That Count

No longer just a corporate afterthought, the Extranet may be more important for the daily operations of some businesses than their public websites. The new Extranet allows franchisees to view available corporate store displays, order parts and receive notices from parent corporations. Vendors and clients can pay bills without burdening the Accounts Receivable department. In short, the Extranet is where the actual business of the business happens.

Corporate Portals: Information Integration

The evolving Intranet and Extranet are converging into a single business goal: the unified, integrated Corporate Portal. The Portal has become increasingly necessary as corporations store more information in more places (and in more formats) than ever before. As the complexity of applications, the number of locations and the proliferation of content management tools have all accelerated, managing and maintaining this information separately is growing exponentially more difficult.

A Portal meets the need to retrieve, share, organize and manage information effectively and efficiently. Ariesnet will guide you through the Portal—the process, the procedure and the benefits.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Easy Navigation—members don’t have to search around in frustration to find what they need
  • Aggregation—multiple services are available for the portal members, so that it becomes a quick and efficient "one-stop shop" for their business needs
  • Key Business Services—the true Portal offers a degree of interactivity with business functions, something beyond the "bulletin board"
  • Specificity / Authentication—most Portals offer information and transactions specific to the member (such as account management)

Open a Window to a New Way of Working

Intranet and Extranet portals serve as gateways to vast amounts of enterprise information. An effective portal gives all users access to mission-critical data and applications in a user-friendly, high-performance and remotely accessible web application.

Ariesnet Corporate Portals deliver:

  • Easy access to needed information and applications
  • Searchable data and dynamic reports
  • Centralization and integration of various data and information silos
  • Collaborative tools to promote organizational communication and information sharing
  • Customized solution that fits your organization’s real-life workflows
  • Management tools to ensure easy maintenance

At Ariesnet, we help you conceptualize, architect, build and manage the right Portal instance for your organization, using a variety of tools for a custom fit:

  • Microsoft Sharepoint Portals
  • SharePoint-based web application
  • Customized SharePoint Web Parts
  • Sites with line-of-business application integration
  • Custom-built extensive portals tailored for your specific needs