Business Intelligence

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Great Data. Smart Decisions.

We've all heard the saying "Anything worth doing is worth measuring", and it's true! If you and your organization are to the point where you have many different applications, data sources and silos of information throughout the Enterprise, let us come in and make sense of it all. Business Intelligence is key to pushing your organization to the next level, and we know how to help you unravel and understand your data.

Social Analytics

One key to the Social Media landscape is analytics. Ariesnet can come in and help you measure and understand your current social footprint globally, or help you understand and measure the effectiveness of your current social campaigns. Social Media doesn't have to be a mystery. There are numbers, trends and actions that can be derived from your current business. Let us come and show you what they all mean, and how to use them to make calculated business decisions.

Data Warehousing

Before you can even begin to read the tea leaves of analytics, you must first understand what all knowledge, information and data is spread throughout your Enterprise. We can help you track down, identify and understand what data is important. From there, we can help you consolidate, organize and optimize that data so that it's actually useful information. Many times that information needs to be studied to understand relationships and to start drawing correlations between the data, but it doesn't have to be done by a Computer Scientist that sits in the corner and can't explain what he's done. Let us help you make sense of it all, and make your data warehousing project approachable!

Real-time Dashboarding

The final step in this journey called Business Intelligence is tying everything back into a single interface where you can monitor and manage your company wide metrics. Sounds like a pipe dream? Not so! This is completely attainable given the right focus, and team. Ariesnet has been there and built it. We can show you how to do it without the headaches of your normal projects.