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Sitecore is a flexible and easy-to-use content management software package easily able to manage one website, but also powerful enough to manage thousands of websites with ease.

The Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform integrates the Content Management System (CMS) with the Digital Marketing System and is ideal for both mid-tier and enterprise companies. A powerful cross-channel platform, The Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform enables customer-facing organizations to engage in one-to-one customer conversations, across digital channels, moving the conversation forward for real measurable results.

Ariesnet understands that a CMS should be intuitive, yet dynamic enough to handle all website and content needs. Ariesnet team helps clients create enterprise-level strategies for implementing Sitecore.

Just a few of the features and benefits that make Sitecore an excellent CMS include:

Sitecore Digital Marketing System

One of the things Sitecore does best is provide a complete digital marketing system so content is used to its fullest potential. Sitecore allows targeting of specific content to specific users based on key user behaviors. This allows creation of a customized experience to more easily target various markets.

The marketing system is used to discover which parts of the site attracts the most traffic, and is used to conduct multi-variant testing to see which promotions are clicked on the most, thus making the site as effective as possible.

Another Sitecore advantage is a system used to create goals that are then tied to forms to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. All of this is made possible through personalization tools, content profiling and scoring, and campaign management, among other tools that are easy to set up and use.

Multi-site Management

Sitecore is an excellent CMS choice for managing multiple websites, as it allows sharing of content and other components across multiple sites. It also supports creation of micro sites making Sitecore perfect for franchises, organizations with chapters, and dealerships.

Sitecore is also designed with growth in mind. As a business grows and requires more websites, the CMS grows to meet those needs.

Adaptive Content and Presentation

Mobile Internet use is up and increasing all the time. Smart businesses keep up with this growth by providing mobile enabled websites. Sitecore supports mobile user experience by detecting what kind of device a site visitor is using and then displaying content specifically designed for the specific device in use, whether it is a mobile gadget or a desktop computer.

This feature also allows use of different site layouts to meet a multitude of specific devices a reader may be using, thus site content is easy to navigate regardless of how it is being viewed.

Adaptive content and presentation means businesses can optimize the online experience for each user’s unique needs and goals, delivering an ideal website experience for every user.

Sitecore Marketplace

The Sitecore marketplace is another benefit of this CMS. It is a community where developers can contribute shared source modules, adding to the power of Sitecore. These modules save development time and inspire ways to create even more unique experiences for users.

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