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Ariesnet Sitecore Accelerator

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Ariesnet Sitecore Accelerator

The Ariesnet Sitecore Accelerator (ASA) is a library of code that attaches to your Sitecore project and accelerates your website development.

The Ariesnet Sitecore Accelerator provides you with several tools that make working with Sitecore easier, faster and more readily testable.

Send data from your Forms to the CRM of your choice

Sitecore provides the wonderful Web Forms For Marketers (WFFM) module which allows developers and marketers to add forms to a website. It is very flexible and robust. But out-of-the-box Web Forms For Marketers does not provide an easy-to-implement way for you to send the data to a CRM like SalesForce or iContact. Fortunately, it is extensible. You can write code to add functionality to it and achieve the goal of sending data to an external CRM. But why invest that time and effort? ASA does that for you and adds the capability to that module, so you can collect contact information from your visitors and integrate your marketing campaigns with your CRM software with ease, reducing your development time.

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Speed up your Sitecore development

Ariesnet Sitecore Accelerator provides you with several tools to make your development faster, easier and less error-prone saving you time and money (not to mention frustration) on development cycles.

From utility functions to faster and more consistent (and reliable) ways to retrieve information from the CMS, it reduces the lines of code in your Sitecore implementation and makes it more reliable and easier to maintain.

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Coming Soon

ASA will be available the first part of 2010. The code has been used and tested in multiple Sitecore implementations and comprises some of our company's best-practices when performing a Sitecore implementation.

Pricing will be announced close to the release date.

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