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Ektron Premier Partner

Ariesnet has been a platinum partner with Ektron for several years, and there is a reason why: Ektron CMS400.NET provides a complete platform with all of the functionality necessary to create, deploy, and manage your Web site. Business users benefit from an intuitive user interface for managing their Web site’s content, messaging and analytics. From core CMS functionality to enterprise level deployments, this latest version introduces features and functionality positioned to accommodate all of your business needs:

  • PageBuilder technology automates the process, giving you "drag & drop" design.
  • Multivariate Testing allows you to create multiple versions of the same landing page.
  • A comprehensive SEO Toolkit makes sure people can find your site.
  • Social networking and Web 2.0 tools are integrated so you can create online communities.
  • Flexible interface allows WYSIWYG design and in context editing.
  • Enhanced site search capabilities.
  • New eSync features
  • Training is offered by the Ektron team if needed.

About Ektron

Ektron provides Web Content Management, Digital Marketing and Community software designed to help companies improve productivity, drive revenue growth, and increase customer loyalty. Founded in 1998 and privately held, Ektron has a customer community of over 3,500 and powers over 12,000 public-facing websites. Ektron U.S. regional offices include Nashua, NH Denver, CO, Richmond, VA, and San Francisco, CA. The company has global offices in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. Ektron works in concert with its Implementation Partners – including interactive agencies, system integrators and web development agencies around the globe – to help customers develop, design, and deploy Ektron solutions. More information on the company can be found at ektron.com.

Page Building Has Never Been Easier

New page creation is a breeze with Ektron's latest PageBuilder technology. Drag and drop widgets enable non-technical users to create new designs on-the-fly. Combine this technology with Ektron's latest multivariate testing, and you will have a powerful set of tools to maximize your results quickly and efficiently. With multivariate testing, users can launch campaigns with multiple versions of the same landing page in order to monitor which ones are most successful.

New and Improved Content Editor

Ektron version 8.6 includes a new content editor, providing a revolutionary user experience for content authors that is easy to use. The HTML5 based editor is fast to load and provides true WYSIWYG in-context editing. Users familiar with Microsoft Office products like Word will find themselves at home with this contemporary rich text editor.

Search Engine Optimization & Analytics Built Inside

Ektron CMS400.NET comes with the necessary tools to optimize your site for search engines with compete metadata support for all content generation. With it's auto-aliasing feature, URLs and links are generated in search engine friendly & human readable terms. The latest version of Ektron CMS400.NET also offers fully integrated analytics, meaning users can have all the functionality of a CMS and their traffic analysis (i.e. Google Analytics) in one convenient location.

Social Networking & Web 2.0 At Your Fingertips

Your Web site can use Ektron's social networking tools to give your membership users a personal space on your Web site. From here, they can add friends to their network, invite new people, link to pages and documents of your Web site, keep a calendar, and create favorites. Ektron’s group spaces let you and your members define spaces where like-minded individuals can “gather” to share opinions, information, photos, and communicate via group blog postings, micro-messaging and comments. Documents and links common to the group can be socially bookmarked here, where the people who are likely to look for them will find them.

CMS400.NET provides the most comprehensive and complete Web 2.0 toolbox to ensure you meet and exceed your Web site's goals and vision. Utilize new and existing CMS features like activity streams, forums, five-star rating, or tagging to build rich and powerful Web applications for any Web, intranet, or extranet scenario. Geomapping integration brings Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth straight to your visitors, giving them information at their fingertips

Enhanced Site Search Capabilities

Ektron also offers enhanced search features using Microsoft's FAST Search based on the Mircosoft Search Server. The new and improved Ektron search brings features including faceted navigation, federated search, automated query suggestions, search analytics reports, and more. Ektron Site Search for Enterprises is capable of mounting tens of millions of items and beyond, including all types of web content, documents, and rich media content.

Ektron version 8.6 also supports a Search Provider model, allowing site managers to leverage alternative search systems.

New eSync Features

Ektron's unique synchronization technology now includes a diagnostic utility to generate a real-time map of an eSync network, providing real time visibility into a server topology.

Ektron version 8.6 improvements have also been made to Content Dependency synchronization, meaning that users can now sync an image automatically in a blog post without having to sync the full site.

All the CMS Features & More

Ektron offers core content management functionality right out of the box, with features including WYSIWYG and inContext editors, Multi-lingual support, PageBuilder, Geomapping, Activity Streams, Multivariate Testing, Analytics, Calendars, URL Alias Redirects, and Blogs and Wiki’s.

Development time is as minimal as possible with the Ektron Markup Language (EkML) and integrated ASP.Net server controls, that allow your developers to code special functionality tailored to your enterprise needs.

Training When You Need It

Ektron provides several unique training offerings to ensure you receive the right level of training at the right stage of your Web project lifecycle. Access to the right training can make the difference of succeeding with your Web site project. Training has become a significant differentiator for Ektron, as it extends our commitment of ensuring the success of your Web site project.

Upgrade with Ariesnet to Ektron 8.6 and Beyond

Ariesnet provides smooth upgrades from Ektron versions 7 to the current version, which is now 8.6. Whether you have a complex environment with multiple servers and integration points, or a single-server implementation, our team has the ability to turnkey your upgrade on-site or remotely. Take advantage of the performance and feature improvements in the latest version of Ektron.

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