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Internet technology seems to spawn a new buzzword every day. The IT world is a blur of high-tech in motion, moving at light speed. We can slow it down for you and help you better understand what’s in it for you, which of these new tools you need—and why you need them. Moving beyond the hype to the deeper message, you will grasp the fundamental meaning of this new connected world, and we will help you apply that meaning to the benefit of your organization. You will learn how new social tools can enable better communication, breaking down the separate silos of information companywide, creating a more efficient, more profitable enterprise.

Social Systems Implementation & Customization

Once you have a good grasp of the social media space, what it means to you and to your organization, we will help you build your vision, combining our knowledge with best of breed technologies and platforms. Relying on our background in this specialized space, and on our proven ability to execute, you will slash the risks associated with projects that once seemed overwhelming and intimidating. Our industry leading staff of experts have the skills, training and tools to ensure your success.

Social Media Training

Keeping up with the latest social media trends is hard work, but it’s work we can do for you. We will translate the jargon, explain the trends and assess the effectiveness of each option, minimizing your risks and arming you with the information you need to effectively and efficiently employ these exciting new tools.

We have the background and experience to help you separate the noise from the signal. Working with you, we can customize a training curriculum to your needs, specifically targeting material with your audience, platform and direction in mind.

Ariesnet can provide related onsite or distance training in: social media adoption, social network community management, .NET engineering best practices, flexwork and telecommuting management, and user experience design.

Social Mentoring & Management

Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube. Forums. Wikis. Blogs. Web 2.0. You've heard of them, but if you think these are just virtual toys for teenagers, think again. These social networking platforms are powerful tools that businesses can use to enhance their brands, increase enterprise collaboration behind a firewall and optimize internal departments for more efficiency and more effective deliverables.

The social media outlets have changed brand management by getting people talking about you. Use these tools well, and you can instigate conversations and cultivate deeper relationships with advocates, strengthening your brand. Your online reputation will allow you to recruit the best of the best.

If your workday is already hectic, and it probably is, it's hard to imagine having time to post a message to your Facebook wall or “tweet” about something—but we can help. We will mentor and strategize with you on the best way for your business to exploit these tools, assisting you with social media policy and procedure development. Our talented team, deeply familiar with the inner workings and the outer embellishments of the social media space, can manage the entire process—from blogs to tweets to the next new thing.