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Ektron 8 Released

Dallas, TX - May 14, 2010 - Ektron Inc. released CMS400.NET version 8.0 in November and Ariesnet is working closely with its Ektron clients to install and configure the upgrade.

Version 8.0 builds on Ektron’s unique combination of social software and enterprise Web content management to allow for the creation of the engaging sites that today’s web users expect. Version 8.0 includes the new eMarketing Suite, complete with the analytics, multivariate testing, drag and drop page assembly, ecommerce and enhanced site management tools that empower marketing teams to use content to drive measurable business results.

CMS400.NET’s enterprise Web content management platform has always been about giving marketing teams the ability to manage the Web experience. The new eMarketing Suite brings an additional set of tools to grow a brand’s global message and online presence. In addition to building dynamic, engaging Web sites and communities, marketing teams now have the ability to rapidly assemble campaigns, comparing multiple variations of content, layout and design with multivariate testing. Leveraging rapid drag and drop page assembly and multivariate testing enables marketers to maximize business results efficiently and intuitively. The new analytics module lets marketers track visitor actions and demonstrate solid returns on online marketing investments. Ektron’s unique approach integrates best-of-breed site analytics packages such as Google Analytics into the authoring process, delivering analytics within the context of the content management system’s user interface.

“We are extremely proud of version 8.0 and excited about how closely it aligns with exactly what our customers are telling us they want to be able to do online,” stated Bill Rogers, Ektron’s CEO and founder. “We’ve seen companies dramatically change how they spend their marketing dollars and CMS400.NET gives them the ability to deliver the type of interactive online experiences that are proving the most successful and cost effective, along with the analytics and multivariate testing capabilities to measure and enhance that effectiveness,” Rogers added.

The increasing importance of social software to today’s businesses is undeniable. Demonstrating Ektron’s continued commitment to social software, the latest version of CMS400.NET adds micro-messaging, activity streaming and a comprehensive filtering and notification engine to its social media platform, which customers will be able to deploy on collaborative corporate intranets and as part of customer-facing online communities.

“At Ektron, we have long believed that social networking and communities are the future of the Web and have been developing technology to support this for years,” stated Steven Sherkanowski, vice president of marketing at Ektron. “Ektron’s customers have benefited from this foresight by being able to take advantage of the combined power of our enterprise Web content management and social software capabilities,” concluded Sherkanowski.

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